A Quarter of a Century

As my 25th year comes to a close, I thought I would take the opportunity to reflect on the past year. It has been incredible! I rang in the new year in Australia, hours earlier than my family and friends in the States. It was my first time truly traveling alone and over the holidays, both of which I’d do again. (It’s true, I am a millennial and I prefer experiences over things.)

In 2018, I took 13 flights through 10 airports, covering approximately 26,000 miles and racking up approximately 67 hours (or almost 3 days) in flight time and roadtripped across 5,000 miles (outside of Kansas City), all of which resulted in countless new experiences with new and old friends.

Visited 4 countries, including 2 new countries

Visited 6 states, including 5 new states and 8 new (major) cities

I’m determined, more than ever, to achieve my goal of visiting 30 countries by the time I’m 30 years old. In order to do so, over the next 4 years, I plan to visit an average of 3 countries per year. I recently sat down and thought through my travel plans for the next 5 years. Mapping out a plan (yes, pun 100% intend) puts my goal into perspective and helps me see the bigger picture.

Traveling is important to me because I enjoy seeking new experiences and challenging myself to gain a deeper perspective through first-hand experiences. As a (young) adult, it can be easy to get into a routine, and while I enjoy routine and stability, I also crave adventure.

So, what’s in store for 2019? I’m anticipating another exciting year full of new experiences and adventures, including:

  • My first official work trip,
  • Visiting my best friend in Florida,
  • Exploring the Grand Canyon in Arizona (state #23),
  • Finally visiting the country to our north, oh, Canada (country #18),
  • Heading to Africa for the first time with a trip to Morocco (continent #5, country #19),
  • A test of endurance on the Katy Trail,
  • And whatever other adventures and opportunities come my way.

I’d love to hear from you! What are your new year’s resolutions goals for 2019 and how do you plan to achieve them? If you need some inspiration, ask yourself:

When was the last time you did something for the first time?

With Love,
Jamie ♥

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