Death Valley ☠️

When reading a list of the most visited parks in 2020, I was surprised this national park didn’t make the top 10. It’s called Death Valley because there’s no cellular reception so millennials die. Just kidding! Quite the opposite in fact, it was named after a group of pioneers who died there in the mid-1800s … More Death Valley ☠️

Arizona Adventures

February 26, 2019 marked the 100th anniversary of the Grand Canyon’s designation as a national park. Approximately 6 million people visit every year, and over President’s Day weekend, I became one of those millions. The intent was to visit the Grand Canyon, but when in Arizona you can’t pass up the chance to also visit … More Arizona Adventures

Czech Out Prague

From Iceland (see previous post), Taylor, Ty, and I took a red-eye flight to the Czech Republic. At the time when we booked it, we thought we’d get six hours of rest on the plane (leaving after midnight and arriving after 6AM) but turns out there’s a 2-hour time difference between the two countries. But … More Czech Out Prague

Let’s Raleigh!

When you travel solo, you get to decide what to see, what to do, and where to eat/drink. Unlike traveling with other people, you don’t have to make any compromises or trade-offs and you get to set the pace for your trip. I’ve always been an independent person, but there’s something to be said about … More Let’s Raleigh!

Inspired by Iceland

Iceland is unlike any place I’ve ever seen. It’s an island made up of mountains, glaciers, waterfalls, caves, volcanoes, lava rocks, moss, and more, all within the same amount of space that covers the state of Kentucky. By now, you’ve heard about this amazing country and island; especially if you’re from Kansas City with Icelandair’s … More Inspired by Iceland